Friday, October 23, 2015

An appeal

In Article 25 of the series “Let us think and Act with an Open Mind to Develop a Vibrant Democracy”, I had pointed out that the present Government is unable to control criminal intolerance and the resulting chaos and anarchy that are creeping in due to allowing some extremists to take law into their hands and even glorify commitment of violence and murders. Efforts have to be made by all right thinking persons to stop this rot.

I appeal to you to individually or collectively send the following petition immediately to the Chief Election Commissioner to prevent violent acts and murders which are leading to chaos and creeping in of anarchy.


Draft petition in italics

Chief Election Commissioner
Parliament Street
New Delhi - 110001


I/we* have painfully observed that some political parties have allowed their members to indulge in spreading hate which not only motivated some persons to carry out violent acts and even murders but also supported and even glorified these acts. These have resulted in creating chaos and allowing anarchy to creep in, besides hindering truly democratic election. As the highest constitutional authority for ensuring a peaceful and true democracy, I/we* appeal to you to immediately warn political parties that they will be disqualified if they allow any of their members to speak or act in a manner which is likely to build up hate among people or lead to violence or murders which in turn lead to chaos and anarchy which are detrimental to a peaceful and true democracy.
A citizen who cares/Citizens who care*

* Delete whichever is not applicable

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